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An independent social enterprise supporting increased efficiency and responsiveness of development actors worldwide

Background: Over 15 years of work in designing, managing and evaluating development projects and programmes for governments, consultancy firms, research institutions, international and non-governmental organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. During these years we noticed how difficult it is for many hard-working and innovative development actors to cope with the increasingly demanding requirements of demonstrating their outcomes through robust performance indicators. Our work aims at making it easier for those actors to effectively collect, manage, analyse and learn from monitoring data.

Teaming up experient consultants, interpreters and data collection assistants based in various countries in a tailored way for each of its assignment, our work is led by Dr. rer. pol. Eduardo W. Ferreira, Ph. D. (additional information), who is based in Bremen, Germany.

Our work is all about helping our clients and partners to:

  • Implement data collection with smartphones, tablets, laptops and GPS collectors
    Speed up your data collection process and overall reporting time by integrating mobile technologies to your monitoring and evaluation tasks. These technologies are especially designed for areas with low energy access and little mobile-network coverage. In addition, they can contribute to reduce your team’s workload during the data entry stage and avoid transcription errors.

  • Employ easily accessible data
    Improve your, your partners’ and your clients’ M&E database management and learning capacities by using cost-efficient and safe database and project management cloud applications.

  • Tap on powerful data-analysis tools producing easy-to-communicate results
    Translate the experience of projects and programmes into robust and transparent data from sampling to cleaning, analysis and reporting. This can help you and your clients/partners to fully explore your results with clear plots, tables and maps generated with powerful data-analysis and geographical-information tools. You will increase your capacity to effectively communicate your results to various audiences.

  • Make use of state-of-the-art planning, management and M&E methods
    Implement simpler and more reliable management and M&E systems in line with institutional and international quality standards for development evaluation. This can include participatory survey design, sampling strategies, application of mixed methods, dealing with selection bias, and determining a counterfactual with experimental and quasi-experimental techniques.

  • Develop your team’s capacities
    Develop long-term planning, management and M&E capacities through workshops, e-learning, coaching as well as face-to-face and remote help-desk/troubleshooting services.

Note: A social enterprise is not designed to generate substantial profits, but only enough to maintain its ability to fund research, projects, invest and operate sustainably.