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Dr. rer. pol. Eduardo Wirthmann Ferreira, PhD

Past experiences and qualifications: Independent consultant, trainer and facilitator in designing, managing and evaluating projects and programmes in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America for governments, consultancy firms, research institutions, international and non-governmental organisations. Eduardo holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Master of Arts in Development Policy with focus on non-governmental organisations and a PhD in Development Economics.

Expertise and area of interest in international development cooperation and aid:

  • Participatory design of proposals for various OECD/DAC members (e.g. European Union, USAID, DFID, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, German government) and advisory services in proposal writing to both call for grant proposals and commercial consultancy bids.

  • Staff training and design of monitoring and evaluation systems and tools using open-source applications for data collection (e.g. laptops, mobiles and tablets), storage (cloud-based databases) and reproducible data analysis.

  • Coordination and training in the use of web applications and cloud databanks for improved remote management of development actions worldwide.

  • Review and evaluation assignments following OECD/DAC and other donors’ evaluation standards in countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Tajikistan and Ukraine including sampling and data analysis programming, web-based data collection tools, large-scale phone interviews and face-to-face interviews and other participatory evaluation methods (e.g., team self-assessment workshops and focus-group discussions).

  • Coaching, training and facilitation services face-to-face and remotely in terms of planning, project and financial management, monitoring and reporting to projects and programmes in fields such as governance, policy-making support, human rights, children and youth, poverty alleviation, gender equity, WASH, environment, health, education, conflict-sensitive value-chains, trade and barter trade, microfinance, agriculture, nutrition and disaster-risk reduction.

Who Eduardo is outside of work: Eduardo enjoys playing the guitar, running, swimming and romping around with his children. He was born and grew up in Brasilia, Brazil, and lives in Bremen, northwest Germany, the hometown of his wife.

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