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Services tailored to your needs

Services are tailored to each client’s specific needs. They range from supporting other M&E service providers and facilitating proposal design to monitoring support and evaluation assignments.

Services can be offered on a product basis or on the actual working time, which can be monitored by clients on a real-time basis through web applications.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a tailored quotation.

The following aspects may help you to have an idea of your potential investment.

  1. Equipment: For web-based forms, average laptops and GPS handheld collectors should do the job. However, android mobiles and/or tablets will help you harnessing the most out of our services. Some staff may prefer to use their own personal mobiles, but it is good to account for some budget to equip your field staff and enumerators. Portable external batteries and solar mobile rechargers can be very useful to overcome low access to electricity in some areas.

  2. Server configuration and maintenance: ODK can be used fully without internet access. If wi-fi internet is available at your or the partner’s local office, ODK can be deployed to Google’s API Engine, Amazon’s EC2 cloud services, and to web-servers running Tomcat with MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. For most users, collecting fewer than 2,000 responses, Google API Engine’s 24-hour free quotas will be enough. Additional technical information is available here.

  3. Staff capacity building: In the beginning, it is recommendable to plan enough time to revise indicators, train your management and field staff and, possibly, enumerators (interviewers / surveyors). Since this work requires a “hands-on” approach, we suggest our partners to reserve, for example, in the case of a project baseline study, at least two weeks for planning and preparing their teams. This allows us to undertake on-the-job, field training and account for issues related to beneficiary availability and logistics, particularly in remote or insecure areas. In addition, shorter refreshment workshops on a yearly basis, for example, can help to adjust the M&E plan and tools as well as check for possible changes of context in your project or programme.

  4. Data analysis and reporting: We use powerful open-source software for data analysis, which is available for free (or in exchange for a donation). In order to ensure your independence, you will need to have someone in the team who has good knowledge of English and statistics or who is willing to acquire that. No previous programming skill or experience with statistical packages or geographic information system is required, although it can be of great help. Training some staff in data analysis and reporting may also be necessary.

  5. Support: It may be necessary to consider some working days throughout the implementation for us to support your team in case of questions on a need basis, particularly if you plan annual or biannual monitoring campaigns. This support can be given by e-learning and web-based management platforms, telephone or face-to-face.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.