Announcing the Release: Humanitarian Needs Assessment Report – Borno, Nigeria 2024

SAHaRA project, ECHO Nigeria

We are excited to announce the publication of the “Humanitarian Needs Assessment Report – Borno, Nigeria 2024,” a comprehensive and insightful analysis conducted by the Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) in partnership with Caritas Germany (CG), and facilitated by movimentar GmbH.


This report presents the outcomes of a thorough needs assessment carried out across Borno State, Nigeria, from 1 to 11 December 2023, in support of a new project-proposal to the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO). Focusing on 39 villages, it involves a total of 1,959 participants, aiming to identify crucial humanitarian needs and gaps in response.


Employing a mixed-method approach, the assessment integrates household surveys, field observations, and key-informant interviews. Advanced data collection and analysis were enabled through RMarkdown and KoboToolbox, providing a robust and comprehensive overview.

Significant findings emerged from this study, highlighting variations in demographics, livelihoods, food security, health, education, and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) across Kaga, Magumeri, and Gwoza LGAs. Key observations included disparities in access to identity documents and the prevalence of disabilities in households, along with a marked gender income gap in economic conditions.

The report is a vital resource for humanitarian organisations, stakeholders, and policymakers, providing actionable data to tailor interventions in crucial sectors such as nutrition, health, education, and WASH. It underscores the importance of addressing specific regional and demographic needs and vulnerabilities and stresses the critical role of economic stability in enhancing livelihoods and access to basic services.

We invite you to delve into the detailed findings and recommendations of this report, which is a testament to movimentar GmbH’s commitment to advancing sustainable development and alleviating poverty through data-driven insights.

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About the Report

  • Title: Humanitarian Needs Assessment Report – Borno, Nigeria 2024
  • Author(s): movimentar GmbH
  • Publication Language: English
  • Pages: 346pp
  • Date Published: January 2024
  • Publisher: Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) in cooperation with Caritas Germany (CG)
  • Type: Needs-Assessment Report
  • Keywords: Humanitarian Needs, Response Gaps, Borno State, Nigeria
  • Countries: Nigeria
  • Organisations: Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN), Caritas Germany (CG)